Ministry of Energy Petroleum KPK Division Jobs 2022

Job Details :

Are you looking for an appealing job in Pakistan’s government sector? You’re in the right place. The government of the ‘land of the pure’ offers several jobs throughout the year to maintain its strong economy and expand its workforce. Government jobs are:

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Recently Ministry of Energy Petroleum launched various jobs in KPK Division. If you are looking for a job opportunity in Government Sector, then this is the best opportunity for you. Ministry of Energy Petroleum is a good option for those who want to work in Government Sector. You can apply for these jobs through the online application system. Recently Ministry of Energy Petroleum announced that they will soon hire new employees. They are looking for candidates from all over Pakistan.

These jobs are available on a contract basis. You can apply for these jobs if you are interested in working in the Government Sector. Then fill up the application form before the last date, 15th May 2022. The ministry offers attractive salary packages with various benefits to its new employees. You can also check out complete details about these jobs on the official website of the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum Resources Division KPK, which is given below:

Job Name: Ministry of Energy Petroleum KPK Division Jobs 2022


Income: 25900PKR/Month

Last Date: May 15th, 2022. 

Fee Structure: 900PKR/Each Diffrent Post

Number Of Posts: Total 19 Posts

Vacant Posts :

1. Assistant Director, BPS – 1

2. Senior Executive, BPS – 10

3. Section Officer, BPS – 11

4. Junior Executive Officer, BPS – 12

5. Assistant Manager (Junior Engineer) (Civil), BPS – 13

6. Assistant Manager (Junior Engineer) (Mechanical), BPS – 14

7. Assistant Manager (Monitoring Division), BPS – 15

8. Assistant Manager (Asset Management Division), BPS – 16

9. Research Officer, BPS – 17

10. Junior Inspector (Mechanic), BPS – 18

11. Work Assistant, BPS – 19

12. Mail Clerk, BPS – 20

13. Driver (Light), BPS – 21

14. Driver (Heavy), BPS – 22

15. Fireman/Fare Inspector, BPS – 23

16. Stenography Clerk, BPS – 24

17. Telephone Mechanic, BPS – 25

18. Store Keeper, BPS – 26

19. Peon/Sweeper, BPS – 27

How To Apply :

Here is a simple step if you are looking to apply:

1- Click here to go to the website of the Ministry of Energy Petroleum KPK Division Jobs 2022.

2- Read the job description carefully and ensure that you are eligible for the job before applying.

3- Fill in your personal details and upload your CV and a cover letter (Optional).

4- Click on Submit button and wait for your application to be processed by the Recruiter.

5- If your application is approved by the Recruiter, you will receive an email from them inviting you to complete their online assessment test. You must pass this test to be considered for employment with the Ministry of Energy Petroleum KPK Division Jobs 2022.

6- When your application has been approved by the ministry. So they will contact you directly via email or telephone to offer you a position at the Ministry of Energy Petroleum KPK Division Jobs 2022.

Job Salary And Benefits :

The salary offered by this ministry depends on the position you will be applying for. For example, suppose you are applying for an assistant manager job. In that case, your salary will start from Rs 20,000 per month. Still, suppose you apply for a senior position. Your salary might go up to Rs 40,000 per month or even more, depending on what position you will be applying for!

Medical facilities :

This ministry also provides medical facilities to all its employees to get proper medical treatment whenever they need it without having any problems or issues related to finances because all these facilities are provided by the ministry itself at no cost whatsoever!

Benefits :

1. Transport Allowance (Transport Allowance)

2. HRA (Housing Rent Allowance)

3. Mobile Phone Reimbursement (Mobile Phone Reimbursement)

4. Spouse / Dependent Children Education Allowance (Education Allowance)

Job FAQ :

Qno1. What is the job role?

Ans: As a Petroleum Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and managing oil and gas production operations. You should also plan how to extract resources from fields that are becoming depleted. This can involve building up remote areas of the world with infrastructures like pipelines and rigs or repairing existing facilities.

Qno2. What is the work schedule?

Ans: It depends on the company, but usually it is 8 hours per day, 5 days a week with free time on weekends

Qno3. What is the salary?

Ans: Salary will depend on the company, but it usually ranges between 40000-170000 rupees per month.

Qno4. What are the qualifications required for this job?

Ans: You should have completed a bachelor’s degree in a Petroleum Engineering firm for this job. Or 4 years of experience as a Petroleum Engineer.

Qno5. What are the requirements to apply for this job?

Ans: You should have updated your reference, pass application form and other documents

Qno6. What is the job industry?

Ans: The job industry is Oil, gas, petroleum, and petrochemical.

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